Friday, July 16, 2010

Future Top Chef!

I just had to share this one. This is from the last series we did of his session and was one of my favorites. What a cute image to display in a kitchen.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ana Grace Turns 9 months!

Ana Grace recently turned 9 months old . . . another chapter completed in her Storybook Album. I love photographing little girls . . . we can use hats, bows, ribbons, flowers and lace . . . anything girly. She is such the Gerber baby and I look forward to our next session when she turns one.

Recently, I was contacted by BuyActivatedCharcoal a few weeks ago. They came across my blog and loved the images they saw and wanted to use one for their baby page. This was the one they selected. . . Baby Anna Grace (3 mos. old). I contacted the mom to get permission for them to use it and she was so delighted that her precious little one was selected. Here's the link to their site.